Conference Schedule

March 15th, 2010

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Friday June 18th

Registration starts at 4:00pm

Sheraton Uptown in ABQ

6pm      Opening Invocation

Revs  Ross and Judy Campbell Unity Spiritual Center

National Department of Peace Campaign

The Peace Alliance Leadership

The Gift of Peace Play

performed by the ABQ Theatrical Group

Universal Dances Of Peace

performed by the  Y.O.U. ( Youth of Unity )

Comedian, Swami Beyondananda

Waking up Laughing

Saturday June 19th

7:30 am continental Breakfast Sheraton Uptown

8:30am Opening Invocation

Revs Ross and Judy Campbell


Chris Aquino  New Mexico Department of Peace Leadership

National Campiagn to Create a U.S  Department of Peace

Leadership from D.C.

Student Peace Alliance

Aaron Voldman Executive Director, Student Peace Alliance

Julia Simon-Mishel Managing Director, Student Peace Alliance

Mountain States Regional Department of Peace State Coordinators Presentations

State Coordinators, District leaders and D.O.P. State Teams will present their states success’s and strategies for moving along the Dept. of Peace bill Hr. 808 and “The Youth Promise Act”.

12:00pm Lunch  

Sheraton Uptown

Musical Performance by Melanie Zipin

Panel Discussion with New Mexico Legislators

Jerri Ortiz y Pino, New Mexico State Senator

Mary Lou Cook and Virginia Miller New Mexico Office Of Peace bill

Open Space Technology Groups

In the open space process, each individual is asked to bring their ideas, passions,and questions, to declare them, claim time and space to explore them and connect with others who share their interests.

6:30pm Banquet Dinner

Sheraton Uptown Ballroom

7:30pm  Opening Invocation and Key Note Speakers

Revs Ross and Judy Campbell

Azim Khamisa

Marianne Williamson

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Sunday June 20th

Group closing with The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Leadership from the Mountain States Region

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